What is sustainable fashion?

At NNEE we want to provide information and insight into where our clothing comes from and how it is made in the hope that it will educate consumers and enable them to decide if buying sustainable is right for them!


What does sustainable mean?

Sustainable can mean a whole bunch of different things depending on the type of industry and product that’s getting made. For NNEE, sustainable means using materials and labour in our clothing production that ensures people and the environment are prioritised.

We work with a whole heap of initiatives and organisations, such as the world leading GOTS standard, who regularly audit the factories where our GOTS-certified clothing is produced and assess that our products are being made by strict standards that outline things such as: organic cotton content and no use of harmful chemicals among loads more! We also work with the FairWear Foundation, who ensure the factories that produce our FairWear certified clothing abide by their code of labour standards. You can read more about why we use Organic cotton to be more sustainable here.

What makes clothing sustainable?

Generally, the way that clothing is made more sustainable is by having as little impact on the environment as possible. Non-organic cotton is a very thirsty crop and uses huge amounts of water to produce. In comparison, organic cotton uses mostly rainwater (and much less of it!)

Using dyes that don’t use harmful chemicals also makes clothing more sustainable. Chemical dyes can get washed into rivers and contaminate water supplies for animals and also people. Using alternative, eco-friendly options helps prevent this! We’re very proud of the products on our store that are made in completely carbon neutral facilities and use renewable energy. This includes the t-shirts in our [N][N][E][E] Collection and our Timeless Audio collab.

Should I buy sustainably?

Buying sustainably is a lifestyle choice, it’s not currently a necessity when you buy your clothing (although we think it is). We don’t want to persecute people who don’t purchase sustainably, as more often than not there’s a very good reason, such as the cheaper cost… we also believe people can do what the f*** they want without fear of being hated on for it.

Having said that, we (and probably you) are aware that the current means by which Humans exist on earth is not sustainable, meaning that the way we currently do things in most walks of life cannot continue forever. This is also true in the fashion industry. It’s not going to happen overnight but there needs to be change in how we produce, perceive and consume fashion commodities. NNEE hopes to be part of this change by offering our high-quality sustainably produced clothing at competitive prices to non-sustainable alternatives – providing you with a genuine alternative to non-sustainable fashion.

We believe part of the answer in fixing our consumption habits is in educating consumers. We think the more you can understand about where your clothing comes from, the easier it will be for you to decide if buying sustainable is something that’s important to you! We hope this post has helped inform your decision a little better.

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