What Does Slow Fashion Mean?

Fast fashion is killing the environment and our planet. The average American throws away 37 kilograms of clothes each year, most of which can be traced back to fast fashion brands like H&M, Zara, and Forever 21. Slow fashion is the alternative, but what does slow fashion mean?

What is the Impact of Fast Fashion?

Cheap, disposable clothes are bad for the environment and our planet. As a sustainable clothing brand, we take this personally. The production of fast fashion takes a toll on the environment due to the use of toxic dyes and chemicals, as well as the large amount of water used in garment production. You’ll commonly find that sustainable alternatives don’t use these chemicals and dyes in order to better preserve the environment.

A girl wearing an NNEE organic cotton t-shirt in blue
Stonewash Denim – NNEE Box’d Collection

What is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion is more of an umbrella term for lots of different ways of wearing and buying clothing more sustainably. It includes shopping at charity shops, buying from brands who can repair your clothing, purchasing re-worked items, or shopping with brands that are mindful of their releases and build their clothing to last for years, rather than a season.

So in general, slow fashion is a movement towards producing, buying, and wearing clothing made with sustainability in mind. Slow fashion designers often use natural fabrics that can be recycled or repurposed instead of synthetic materials that end up in landfills.

Is high-quality Clothing Better?

When you buy something made with love and care, it shows. You can feel the difference in quality, and you can see it in the finished product. That’s what we stand for at NNEE – quality over quantity. We believe that if you take your time to make something special, people will appreciate it more. And they’ll be more likely to keep it around for a long time.

Opal – NNEE Original Collection

If you want to learn more about what makes a brand or clothing slow fashion read our other blogs. As a sustainable brand we feel a responsibility to inform people new to the world of slow and sustainable fashion, so we blog regularly about topics on sustainability!

If you’re ready to take the step to more sustainable life choices check out our shop and see our collection of fashion items today…

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