Dressing Sustainably

Dressing sustainably can be a bit of a grey area if you’re not clued up on how to start. We found that when starting NNEE there were a lot of new things to understand to make sure we knew that our clothing was being produced more sustainably and ethically, so that people buying our clothes could trust that they’d be dressing more sustainably. Being more sustainable with your wardrobe choices is probably something you’re not sure where to start on, so we’ve covered a few of the places we started below!

sustainably produced t-shirt

SW Black / Oversize T-shirt
100% GOTS Organic Cotton / Fairwear Certified

Where to Start Dressing Sustainably – the Local Charity Shop

A great place to start is at your local charity shop (you were probably expecting us to say US but we’ll get onto our part in being more sustainable next)!

Charity shops are home to essentially limitless clothing for fractional prices of any clothing brand, all through donation from kind people with the profits going to good causes and the clothing (hopefully) being worn and worn again.

I mean 😍 😍 😍 …how idyllic is that for a business proposition!

But there’s unfortunately not always something for everyone at the local chazza. That’s where we come in!

sustainably produced hoodie

Dressing Sustainably in NNEE Clothing

We’re the next best thing as we prioritise sustainable and ethical production in sourcing our clothing. We work with initiatives such as GOTS and Fairwear that are globally recognised for their sustainable and ethical production standards. We could use material that someone, somewhere has called ‘organic cotton’ and take their word on how they treat their employees, but that’s not good enough for us because we know that’s not good enough for you. And we want to be able to provide knowoledge and purpose to what we’re doing, rather than just giving you sick fits.

If you like anything on our store, you can be 100% confident that it was produced more sustainably and ethically. That’s our guarantee.

sustainably produced hoodie

Desert / Hoodie
80% GOTS Organic Cotton 20% Recycled Polyester/ Amfori & Sedex Certified

Burgundy / Hoodie
80% GOTS Organic Cotton 20% Recycled Polyester/ Amfori & Sedex Certified

A burgundy hoodie made from organic cotton and recycled polyester

If you want to understand more about sustainable fashion, check out our other blogs!

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