The Importance of Ethics in Fashion

It’s no secret that the importance of ethics in fashion is relatively non-existent and that, when operating non-sustainably, it is one of the most polluting and destructive industries in the world. From both a social and environmental perspective the fashion industry has no consideration for its impact on people or the planet. With this in mind, trying to be more eco-conscious and aware of the ethical impact of the fashion industry can seem futile as it’s definitely not in the mainstream at the moment.

How to buy clothing ethically

But what can we do about it? There are so many factors to consider when buying clothing – from where it was made, to how it was made, to who made it. It can be overwhelming.

Fairwear, an ethical clothing initiative's branding

That’s why we’re here to help. At NNEE we want to make it easy for you to find ethical clothing that you can feel good about wearing. The way that we’re able to ensure that our clothing is produced ethically is by only sourcing materials that carry certifications such as FairWear.

What is Fairwear?

FairWear is just one of the initiatives we work with to help ensure that our products are being made with respect for the people who made them. Fairwear sets our a strict set of labour standards that a factory must meet which are:

Fairwear list of ethical standards in clothing production
To read more about these standards click here

There are other initiatives such as AmforiBSCI, GoldWrap and SEDEX that we work with, but that’s for another blog 😉

If you want to take a look around our shop and see our collections of ethically made clothes click the button below!

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