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Sustainable Clothing – It’s What we do

Sustainable Fashion Sustainable clothing is what we do. Here at NNEE we’re on a mission to do more than normal, and to do extra buy providing an outlet for consumers to be able to purchase fairly priced eco-friendly clothing from an ethical clothing brand that wants to produce fashion for good. That’s why we do […]

What is sustainable fashion?

At NNEE we want to provide information and insight into where our clothing comes from and how it is made in the hope that it will educate consumers and enable them to decide if buying sustainable is right for them! So…. What does sustainable mean? Sustainable can mean a whole bunch of different things depending […]

Mind Behind the Design #001 – Wizard Bizniss

This is a little series of posts I want to put together that give you more of an insight into the design and conceptualisation process – the Mind Behind the Design. This one’s about Wizard Bizniss – check it out! So I’m driving on my way to my second job at the time – part […]

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