Protecting Trees vs. Planting Trees

Planting trees is important, but we also need to be protecting trees that already exist. As a sustainable clothing brand, we understand the importance of doing more than making clothing that you want to wear at any costs. We believe we have a responsibility to leave earth better than we found it and to have as positive an impact as possible in going about our mission of creating more sustainable and ethical clothing for everybody. That’s why we donate money to protect trees.

Every day, we lose dozens of acres of forest land to deforestation – that’s football fields worth of trees every minute. We’re sure you already know this, otherwise why would you even care about trying to change that and make a difference?

But what’s actually better – planting trees or protecting them? You’ve probably seen a lot of businesses, little and large, championing themselves on the fact that they are planting trees.

a scene of a rainforest full with trees

Protecting Trees vs. Planting Trees

It’s really quite simple. Generally, when trees are planted, they’re a tiny, immature version of the adult self that they will become 50, 100, 200 years in the future. Small trees absorb less carbon than big trees. Think about it like this. If you have 10kg of food on a table in front of you, what do you think will eat it quicker – a baby, or a full grown adult? The full grown adult right? Right!

This thinking applies to the preservation of trees. If you plant lots of young trees, that’s great! But you’re not going to see the carbon absorption impact of those trees for 10s maybe even 100s of years.

wood light garden trunk
Photo by Nuno Fangueiro on

Why NNEE Protects Trees

Without wanting to state the obvious, when you protect a tree that’s already matured and absorbing lots of carbon every day, more carbon is absorbed everyday! More carbon being absorbed is thumbs up and smiley faces for Earth’s lungs and the future of our planet’s ecosystems and environment, and thumbs up for that is thumbs up for us. That’s why we spent a long time thinking and deliberating about the best possible way we could give back and contribute to the protection of the things NNEE cares about as an eco-conscious brand.

With this being said, and after a lot of research into planting vs. protecting trees, we partnered with TR1BE™.

TR1BE™ protect trees every time someone signs up to our mailing list, or buys a product from us. This happens because we donate a % of every sale that goes towards this brilliant cause. The community of brands working with TR1BE™ have already protected over 78,000,000 trees and counting! We’re so proud to be a part of this community and helping minimise our impact on planet earth today. Take a look at the impact NNEE’s had so far down below!

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