Mind Behind the Design #001 – Wizard Bizniss

This is a little series of posts I want to put together that give you more of an insight into the design and conceptualisation process – the Mind Behind the Design. This one’s about Wizard Bizniss – check it out!

So I’m driving on my way to my second job at the time – part time delivery driver at Asda. Super glamorous.

I’m about 2/3s of the way through the journey when ‘Paint it Black’ by the Stones comes on my speaker in the car (absolute beat by the way).

I’m jamming along having a good time when I start thinking about the Stones and how they iconised the infamous Stones Tongue design. You know the one?

That one! ☝️ It’s a sick design. Super simple but it’s got a lotta character, which is what I like about it.

By now my brain is bouncing off the walls tryna think about how I could use the Stones tongue as inspiration for a design with an NNEE twist on it. Normally at this point in the conceptualisation process of a design I just let my brain take the wheel and enjoy the ride as a passive observer of the chaos of ideas that’s unfolding in front of me.

It’s great when this happens, cus a lot of the time I come out the other side with an idea that’s worth developing. But it doesn’t always happen at the best time – it can happen at 2am, 11pm, mid-sentence after having met someone who’s just told me their name that I’ve now forgotten as a result of this mental ‘tick’ making my brain bounce – it’s a blessing and a curse is what I’m tryna say.

But I was starting to get an idea together. I wanted the design to be kinda out there yano, a lil bit edgy. My thought process was going along the lines of:

– it’s a tongue sticking out – do I put something on the tongue? – what can you put on a tongue? – food? – hmm nah something more controversial – a pill? – mmm yeah that could work but then what? – ooo I know – what about a tab of acid? – OOOO yeah! – so like what do I associate with acid? – lots of colours, trippy visuals everything looks quite majestic – hmm majestic hmm… magic? – hmm MAGIC! – what about sticking a tab of acid on the tongue and the dood who’s tongue it is is a magician? – yeah that could work, that could definitely work – OOO aaaand what about adding some bookie words behind him like ‘See some magic?’ – mhmm yep that’s the concept.

So that’s actually the voice note I sent to my designer as soon as I’d finished brain farting the design on the way to work. The quality’s clapped but I thought I’d add it in anyway cus I know you guys love to hear and see all the behind the scenes stuff from running the business.

I thought it’d be cool to add some mock-ups from the beginning of the design process through to the end so you can see how it started vs how it finished. The designer I worked with on this project was Poppi Testa (@poppi_testa) – she’s a super talented designer and I’d recommend you check out her other bits. Check it out below!

Version 1 – This was the first draft that Poppi made based on our initial chat.
Version 2 – I wanted the wizard to be at more of an angle and a little less cute looking yano.
Version 3 – I wanted him to have a more chaotic look to his face, so Poppi gave his mouth and eyebrows a lot more attitood.
Version 4 – Getting there but the dood needs a beard!!
Version 5 – I was feeeeling this! Just wanted to flatten out the colours.
The final ting – Bom that’s tasty.

The final design is the one that’s on the store now and made the final cut, but not before adding the finishing touch that was suggested by one of my best buddies who’s supported me the entire way on my journey with NNEE so far. He suggested that the tab of acid have the NNEE logo on it, which blew my mind. I thought it was such a good idea, it’s so simple but it really pulled the entire design together.

Wanna see some magic? Take a tab of NNEE and let reality fall away. ✨

And the best bit about it for me was that all of the weirdness and character of the design could be captured on organic cotton and printed with bio-degradable ink to produce a sustainable and ethically made product – as ALWAYS with NNEE’s products.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the first Mind Behind the Design. It’s good fun talking about my concepts in depth so lemme know if this something you want to see more of!

Love Frase x

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