So this is new isn’t it…

Basically, I’ve been chatting to a very talented marketeer who has encouraged me to begin blogging for NNEE. There are several reasons I thought that was a superb idea but the most glaring to me is how little of what I want to communicate about NNEE I can communicate about NNEE in the confines of an Instagram caption. Also, Instagram’s mental game is a tricky one that makes me second guess myself, delve into deep internal spirals on my worth as a human, and generally affects my mental space so I try to spend as little time as possible on it.

(It’s a bit lols that Instagram is also literally the face and entire shopping mechanism for NNEE and therefore requires my complete attention for the majority of the day, buuuut it is what it is – just another millennial snowflake with a first world problem xo)

There’s so much I want to tell you all about my plans for NNEE – how it started, where it’s going, the successes and the struggles – that I can’t fit into a caption that the insta algorithm will eat up, so I want to try and do that here. I’ve got plans to help you guys understand more about the importance of eco-conscious shopping and the effects the fast fashion industry can cause on people wrapped up in its claws. I’ve also got plans to explain my mission with NNEE, touching on the sustainable and ethical stuff but also introducing you all to the idea that Nothing Normal Everything Extra is also a statement that I feel embodies my existence, and perhaps maybe some of yours too?…

What I’m trying to say is the lines of text you’re reading on your screen right now are free pixels babyyyy there’s no rules here, I’m gonna write whatever I want and can about my bizniss and you can tune in to read it if you’d like!

It’s called Nothing Normal Everything Extra for a reason, shit isn’t by the books ‘round here – this brand is an experiment, and I want to bring you along for the ride. You might learn something, or gain a new perspective, or just cop some fakin cool garms lyk. There’s much more to NNEE than organic cotton and eco-friendly ink.

Anyway, I’m rambling…I’ve had a shower beer and need to wrap this up. I’m going to enjoy a relaxing Friday evening before grooving to some stompers at the first sesh back since 2019 babyyy. What a treat. I hope you all enjoy your shenanigans, whatever they may be.

…ohh by the way…

If there’s anyone out there who’s a dab hand at drawing and would be keen to make a trippy header for the blog drop the insta (@nnee.clothing) a DM – lets have a chat. I’ll sort you out with some garms for your troubles 😘

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