How to use Ecosia to Save the Environment

Do you want to help the environment and make a difference? We certainly do! There’s lots of ways you can make small changes to help save the environment – changing how you shop, what you eat, how you travel – but there’s also really simple and easy ways, like using the search engine Ecosia.

What is Ecosia?

Ecosia is the perfect tool to take that first step to altering your daily life to benefit the environment more, without really having to do anything. It’s a search engine that donates 80% of its profits to planting trees. So every time you use it, you’re helping the planet and you’ve not had to lift a muscle!

Is Ecosia better than Google?

We can’t really say if Ecosia is better than google as search engines use different algorithms to provide you with results. Ecosia is powered by Bing, so you get the same great search results as with other search engines. But with ecosia, you can be sure that your searches are making a positive impact on the planet too.

Now humans are creatures of habit, and the likelihood is you use that search engine that rhymes with booble and has the cool coloured letters? (we did too). So to make the change stick and help us consitently include Ecosia in our daily searches, we made it our new homepage!

How to Install Ecosia

All you have to do is:
– Head to your browser’s settings or preferences (we used google chrome)
– Click ‘search engine’
– Click the three vertical dots, then tick ‘make default’

So go ahead and make Ecosia your default browser today. Don’t forget to register your account too, then as you search you can see the real-time number for the trees you’ve helped plant! If you want more tips on making small, sustainable choices read our other blogs!

If you’re ready to take a bigger step and buy clothing that’s certified sustainable then check out our shop! We’ve got a wide range of products that are ALL made with materials and labour that are certified to be sustainable and ethical.

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