How to Make Clothes Last Longer

You know those clothes in your closet that you just can’t seem to let go of? The ones you’ve had for years and still wear?

Well, we are here to tell you there is no need to get rid of them. Most people don’t realise that there are a few simple things they can do to make their clothes last much longer. In fact, if you follow some of our tips, you could even make them last twice as long!

5 Tips to Make Your Clothes Last Longer:

– Buy quality clothes –

When clothes are made from better quality materials and a reliable manufacturing process, they are more likely to stand the test of time and they will not need to be replaced as much. By it’s name ‘Fast’ fashion relies on manufacturing processes that are generally rushed with large orders produced in a short amount of time. What does this mean for you as a consumer? Poorer quality clothing. You may have noticed yourself that the cute top you got from PLT has worn or broken already, or that jumper you got from H&M doesn’t fit the same anymore…

Wash less and get to know your washing machine

We are used to hearing over and over again to wash our clothes less and that its not good for them and this is true and we won’t drag on about it. What we will focus on is how to optimise your washing machine – putting a tiny load of washing is worse as it wastes so much water which as a negative knock on effect for the environment. However, over cramping your machine can also be bad for your clothes. Not only do they not get washed properly, they end up rubbing against each other leading to colours transferring. Get used to what works best for you and your machine and make sure you’re not overloading you machine.

Don’t dry often / use a drying rack

Drying your clothes in a tumble dryer isn’t great for your clothes. The heat from the dryer breaks the elasticity in garments, causing unwanted stretching and shrinking. So, try to avoid using the dryer as much as possible. Instead opt for drying on a rack or line, especially when the sun is out!

Buy better hangers

We suggest getting yourself some better hangers. Most plastic and wired hangers stretch out the shoulders of your clothing, which leads to ill-fitting tops. If you can, avoid hanging heavy/big jumpers. This will lead to your clothing losing its shape, so fold your jumpers.

Learn basic mending

Now this may seem daunting but honestly learning to do small stitches is fantastic for your wardrobe (and the planet). Learn simple fixing and you’ll be throwing less items away because of fixable issues. Sewing is also super useful life skill to have, so you’ll be doing yourself a favour in the long run – trust us!

We all know that buying new clothes is bad for the environment. We have to worry about the resources it takes to produce new clothes, but we also have to think about all the waste it creates. By making your clothes last longer, you’re doing your part in helping reduce the amount of waste produced every year.

Read our other blogs to find out more ways you can make small changes to begin to live a more sustainable life.

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