How to Live More Sustainably

100% GOTS organic cotton t-shirt

You want to do your part in making the world a better place, but you don’t know where to start. How to live more sustainably can be a maze. Sometimes it can be overwhelming with the jargon and greenwashing that surrounds the sustainable fashion industry. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Everyone has to start somewhere, and that somewhere can be different depending on what best suits the person. In our opinion clothing and fashion is a great place to start to make a difference.

a GOTS organic cotton & recycled polyester hoodie

Live more sustainably through fashion

Did you know that the way clothing is made has a big impact on the environment? Cotton alone uses 16% of the entire worlds insecticides – that’s a HUGE number!

The good news is there are more sustainable methods of production out there, and we’re going to tell you them…

First off – look for the GOTS certification. GOTS is a global environmental and social initiative built to better the lives of those who produce cotton and to reduce the impact of cotton farming on the planet. This is done through a variety of ways. One of the most important is that no GOTS certified cotton will use chemicals to grow cotton.

purchasing GOTS organic cotton is a good way to live more sustainably

The second, in terms of social impact, is that GOTS organic cotton allows farmers to diversify their farming output away from just cotton. Non-organic cotton farmers are paid very little for their cotton. So, they have to maximise how much cotton they grow to make enough money to survive. With GOTS cotton, farmers are paid a better wage for their efforts. With GOTS cotton they can afford to grow a greater variety of crops to sell in the local market, or feed their families.

You can read more about exactly what GOTS certification means here.

protecting trees helps you someone live more sustainably

Purchase from Sustainable Brands

Another way to be live more sustainably is to only purchase from brands that do good. NNEE produces clothing in an environmentally friendly and ethical manner – meaning no child labor or unfair wages. We offset our impact on the planet by donating to TR1BE™ with every order, who protect trees that absorb excess CO2 in the atmosphere.

If you want to explore more of how sustainable fashion can help you live more sustainably, check out our shop or have a browse over our other blogs!

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