How to Avoid Greenwashing

How to avoid greenwashing is a big question for anyone interested in making more sustainable lifestyle choices. Sustainable fashion has become vastly more popular in recent years, but how can you be sure a product or company is actually sustainable?

Many companies use greenwashing to make it seem like they are more sustainable than they actually are. This can be very misleading for consumers who want to buy clothes that don’t harm the environment.

GOTS is just one of the certifications NNEE works with.

What is Greenwashing?

You might have seen it for yourself and not realised that it was greenwashing, that’s how they get you. You can normally catch a company greenwashing if they’re talking loosely about how their clothing is sustainable by saying throw away things like ‘better for the planet’ or ‘more green’ without any substantial evidence to back up why.

If you find yourself asking why and not finding an easy or obvious answer, the chances are you’re being greenwashed.

So how do you avoid greenwashing?

Well the first step is one you’ve already taken – informing yourself! It’s important for you to be comfortable with what you understand to be sustainable when it comes to clothing. For us that means using materials that have certifications that hold the brand to account for the standards that their clothing is produced to. It might mean something different to you, but to avoid being misled by misinformation that sounds too good to be true starting with brands that use certifications like GOTS in producing their clothing is a good place to start.

certified sustainable t-shirt to prevent greenwashing

How is NNEE Different?

At NNEE we’re transparent about our certifications and what goes into making our clothing more sustainable because we think that’s how we’re going to force change in the fashion industry. We never use greenwashing as a marketing ploy – we only care about making more sustainable and ethical clothing more accessible to people like you, who want to shop more eco-consciously.

a t-shirt certified to be made from organic cotton, to prevent greenwashing

Shopping without Greenwashing

Take a look at our shop to browse our collections of certified sustainable clothing. If you want to make a purchase we’ll donate a percent of the sale to protecting 5 trees! So far we’ve protected over 1200 trees. You can take a look at our impact page here.

Shop Sustainably

…when you shop with NNEE

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